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Vincent Kramer Scholarship

The RAA Vincent R. Kramer scholarship is awarded to children and grandchildren of Rutgers Alumni Association members. These upcoming freshmen must demonstrate outstanding academic achievements as well as leadership qualities in the community. The scholarship is an award of $1,766 and is renewable for four years, contingent upon maintaining a GPA of at least 3.0 while enrolled at Rutgers. To apply for the RAA Vincent R. Kramer Scholarship click on the link below. Applicants will be reviewed and winners will be chosen over the summer.

The award is given to honor the memory of Vincent R. Kramer, a graduate of Rutgers College in 1941. Vince was a Loyal Son of Rutgers who fought during World War II as a second lieutenant in the Marine Corps. He also served in the Korean War and was presented with the Navy Cross, the second highest decoration awarded for valor in combat along with eight additional decorations for bravery. After his retirement from the military in 1964 he served the RAA as its executive secretary until 1987.

Open this file; fill it out on-line (using Adobe Reader) and submit. 

Scholarship Application Form:

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