Rutgers Alumni Association

History of the Award

The Loyal Son of Rutgers Award was originally created in 1958 to honor Rutgers Alumni Association officers for their leadership service to their Alma Mater. As Rutgers grew and flourished through the decades, the Loyal Daughter designation was added to recognize the changing demographics and to honor the significant contributions of women during the history of the RAA.

The award criteria later expanded to recognize individuals who not only were volunteer leaders for their class and the RAA but had given extraordinary service to the University community. Countless examples of university service have ranged from volunteering on multiple boards and committees, to giving time and counsel to specific academic, athletic or outreach  programs.

Other outstanding volunteers become creative ambassadors for the University in the community or bring special skills in mentoring and networking to Alma Mater.

Specific criteria is that the service be substantial, sustained, and have significant impact for the University. For 60 years extraordinary service has been honored annually and more than 500 alumni have been privileged to enter the ranks of Loyal Sons and Daughters of Rutgers University.

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