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RAA Reunion Awards

Awards made in recognition of the efforts of Rutgers Alumni by the Rutgers Alumni Association during the annual meeting at Reunion, each year, in May:

Walter Seward, RC 1917, Spirit Award

Description and Criteria: The award was created in honor of Walter Seward, RC 1917, who was a most devoted Loyal Son of Rutgers since his years On the Banks.  Walter passed away in 2008 just short of his 112th birthday.  He was the Class President for many years, attended almost every reunion since his graduation, and founded the Reunion Memorial Chapel Service.  His spirit and devotion to Rutgers form the basis for this award.

A recipient of this award will be a person with a lengthy, positive and spirited relation with the University; someone who has participated in numerous reunion activities over the years either as an attendee or an organizer/volunteer.  Recipients promote good will to other alums and, as described in the plaque inscription, foster friendship and camaraderie in the Rutgers community.

Preference is given to Rutgers University alumni.  However, a person who has a long time relation with the RAA and the University, and who meets the criteria of the award, will also be considered.  The word "lifelong" is a key consideration in making the award. 

Past recipients:

Class of 1931 Award

Description and Criteria:   Class of 1931 honors a recent graduate, ten years or more from graduation, for volunteer services to the RAA, to one's class or community, or to other Rutgers constituencies.  The award also recognizes potential for leadership in the future.

Past recipients:

Trustee Award

Description and Criteria:  The award is presented to an alumnus/alumna who has achieved an outstanding record of service to Alma Mater.

Past recipients:

Scarlet Award

Description and Criteria:  The award is presented to an outstanding Rutgers Undergraduate who has made an effort on behalf of the Rutgers Alumni Association. The student has shown interest in and has provided outstanding service to the Rutgers Alumni Association.  An undergraduate student of any class year is eligible to receive the award, however, preference shall be given to a more senior undergraduate if several are under consideration and are equally deserving.

President's Award

Description: New in 2014, and bestowed very sparingly, the President's Award heralds outstanding support for the RAA and its activities, along with exemplary leadership of a student organization.

Outgoing Trustee Award

Inscription:  A book clock is presented to the recipient.  The inscription is:  "Rutgers Alumni Association, May (year), Alumni Trustee, (date years of service), (name and class year)"

Past recipients:

Outgoing President's Award

Inscription:  An 11 x 15 inch walnut plaque with a removable gavel attached will be presented to the recipient.  The inscription is:  "(name, school abbreviation, and class year), President, (date years of service)" 

Past recipients:



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