Rutgers Alumni Association

RAA Committees & Activities

The following committees are open to new volunteers:

  - develop and implement events that bring alumni and their families back to campus. Events include the annual "Scarlet Harvest" at Rutgers Gardens and Family Day at the Rutgers Zone.

COMMUNICATIONS  - keep RAA members around the world informed about issues, activities, services, and volunteer opportunities. Volunteers write, edit, and publish our alumni magazine "1766". The committee also maintains and publishes content to our web site, the RAA Newsletter and a monthly broadcast email.. Volunteers are regularly needed for writing, editing and photography assignments.

COMMUNITY SERVICE  - provide volunteers with an opportunity to meet a need within New Brunswick and the surrounding communities. The featured event is "Rutgers In Your Back Yard", where local elementary school students and parents enjoy a morning of tours and presentations. Other service projects include toy and coat drives and visits to local nursing homes, and the committee is always open to new ideas and projects. Involvement in this committee is not only personally satisfying, but increases the awareness of Rutgers and its concern for its neighbors.

GRANTS & GIFTS - provide financial assistance to student organizations seeking funding for academic, cultural, or charitable student-run events. Student organizations present their grant
proposals to the committee for consideration.  Each request is examined and the committee makes recommendations to the RAA Board whether the request should be granted, and if so, what amount will be granted.

REUNION - plan and promote the annual meeting of the RAA, and encourages efficient class organization as well as attendance at class reunions. This is an ideal committee for those with an interest in
event planning.

HOMECOMING - coordinate festivities for the enjoyment of all RAA graduates and constituent groups for Homecoming. Another committee for those with an interest in event planning.

MEMBER SERVICES - sponsor diverse networking, educational, and social activities, where interaction is encouraged with fellow alumni. Events and activities include theater trips, museum tours, business card exchanges, the annual baseball outing, and more. This committee is always open to new ideas for alumni events and activities.

UNDERGRADUATE - provide services and advice to current Rutgers undergraduate students through various networking and social events.  The featured event is the Alumni-Student Speed Networking program. Other activities include social events at the Rutgers Zone, and mentoring programs.

YOUNG ALUMNI - address the needs of recent graduates (up to 10 years after graduation).  Programs include networking and educational activities - with an emphasis on social events.
Happy hours, football viewing parties, wine tastings, and weekend trips are just some examples of this committee's programs.

OTHER RAA COMMITTEES - The following committees require at least one year of active participation in the RAA before a member is eligible to volunteer:

LONG RANGE PLANNING  - Develop and modify strategic and long range planning for the RAA as directed by the President and Executive Committee.

- Responsible for all aspects of membership in the RAA, including the following:

Develop and implement programs to engage new members
Develop membership strategies (i.e.; classes of membership, etc)
Conduct New Member Orientation sessions to assist new members  

NOMINATIONS - Responsible for nominating all officer and at-large Board member positions (committee chairs are selected by the President).  Also responsible for nominating RAA members to the Board of Trustees, annually, following the procedures defined by the Office of the Secretary of the University.

BUDGET & FINANCE - Working with the RAA Treasurer, develop and manage the annual operating budgets of the RAA and all of its constituents and committees.

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